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What are Angels?

An angel is a high spiritual being created by God the Divine Source, the Ultimate Source, ALL THAT IS, to guide, protect and help us, angels are God's Creation.  And the best thing is that we knew them before birth and they are with us during our life! Unconditional love springs from this source, that means there is no conditions to qualifying for this love. 

Above sketch 12/11/2009: I woke up after falling asleep on the couch in the lounge to see 5 golden angels standing over me. Very exciting! it was Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael and Zadkiel.


The angels love to help us and they have actually help me in all that I do including putting this website together, JUST ASK! 

It matters to the angels that you are here learning that they can help you help you. We all have guardian angels and my guardian angels are Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael.


While teaching a workshop on angels Archangels Michael and Gabriel told me to have a quick look out of the window . As I did I saw a child riding past and about half a metre above his head was a brilliant clear rainbow which was in an arch. The angels and I had often seen this child and the rainbow meant that they were protecting him.

Angel Energy
I have seen sheets of blue energy and purple energy on the floor,  ground or in the sky. This quite often means an angel is there.

They spread their colours/energy over an entire village if a person is a healer and they are working with them in the vicinity, so if I am carrying out a healing or they are just here for a 'chat' they are making themselves known to all around us.

Angel numbers
The angels have special way of attracting you attention one of these ways are by angel numbers, the numbers that are repeatedly highlighted to you in newspapers, clocks, on buses, car number plates or your computer clock. For instance number 9 which means - your divine life purpose involves the giving of service through your natural talents, passions and interests.
Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael often attract my attentions this way especially if they see 4 birds sitting together.

The angels will make clear what they want known to you once your attention as been drawn to them, it may be that you look at the Internet for the meaning of the angel number or they highlight more information to you such as the fact that you should go on holiday. In the case of going on holiday they will start highlighting holiday adverts to you - take notice of them and they will know that you appreciate what they are trying to tell you  - go on that holiday or take a short break.


Seeing angels
I have seen many angels as I work with them all the time and I am an incarnated seraphim angel myself.

An experience I had whilst at work in the centre of London sitting at my desk I saw clairvoyantly a large angel in my front garden, the shape was translucent but in the classical style of an angel. The angel stood there guarding my house as a spirit tried to enter it. I have recorded this in more detail for a book I am writing.

Angels usually project an image of themselves that you would recognise as the angel with wings.

When I first started seeing angels I found it hard to see an angel with wings. I didn't look for them like that as I was seeing into the angelic realm clairvoyantly where the colours around the angels were beautiful and iridescent that mostly I saw brilliant swirls and sparkles of light.

After that I started to see angels with wings, or as translucent figures, orbs, or looking as humans do although less solid then humans. But I did have an experience with Seraphim Zadkiel when I held on to his arm and his arm was as solid as a human arm. And another when I as lost and saw Seraphim Michael as a very 'human' figure of a man and the other seraphim angels said to me have a look at him we are sure that it is Michael. After that we found the way to where I was going. Both of these cases I have diaries and will publish at a later date.

Toning with an angel
In healing toning (sound) breaks down the stagnant energy. I was learning how to do a certain healing and we had to tone, many of us were scared of making any sound but I decided that I would try it any way. Lower tones create a healing vibration that breaks down the diseased energy in the lower chakras and higher tones in the higher chakras.

With Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael sitting next to me, we placed our hands on the student I was giving healing to. Encouraged by them I started to tone and was told by Archangel Michael that an angel would help me with my voice. It was fantastic as I toned I hit quite high notes with my voice. The angel told me to relax my jaw and throat, it was as if I was practicing to be in an opera.

The lady that I was treating had cancer herself and she said that she received such an amazing healing that she asked if I could partner her the next day in class as we would give healing to each other again.. Through conventional medical treatments and healing from many of us and her own self-healing, she is now in remission.


Seraphim Angel Names And Meanings

The names and meanings of the seraphim/archangels God has told me to work with (although I/we do work with many others wonderful angels as God directs) are:

Ariel “Lion Or Lioness Of God”
Azrael “Whom God Helps”
Barachiel (Barkiel) “Lightening Of God”
Camael “He Who Sees God”
Cassiel “Knowledge Of God”
Chamuel “He Who Sees God”, “He who seeks God”
Gabriel “Strength Of God”; “The Divine Is My Strength”;
“God Is My Strength”, “Messenger Of God”
Haniel “The Grace Of God”, “Glory Of God”
Jeremiel “Mercy Of God”
Jophiel “Beauty Of God”
Metatron (Formerly Known As The Prophet Enoch), “He Who Occupies The Throne Next To The Divine Throne”,
“Of God”
Michael “He Who Is Like God”, “Like Unto God”, “Who Is Like The Divine”
Nathaniel “God Has Given”
Raguel “Friend Of God”
Raphael “Healing Power Of God”, “The Divine Has Healed”, “God Heals”
Raziel “Secrets Of God”
Sandalphon Formerly The Prophet Elijah “Of God”, “The Love And Peace Of God”
Seraphiel “Light Of God”, The Prayer of God”, "The Inflamer Of God"
Uriel "God Is Light”, "God's Light", “Fire Of God”
Zadkiel “Righteousness Of God”, “Covering Of God”

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